The 18 Most Scandalous Sports Illustrated Covers

How does this week’s Penn State cover compare to the steroids, gambling, murder and animal cruelty that’s adorned past Sports Illustrated covers? posted on

A Good Man Down (June 6, 2009). The story of the murder of beloved high school football coach Ed Thomas, who was shot to death by a former player.

Ben Johnson (October 3, 1988). Cover story The Loser details how the record-setting sprinter was stripped of his Olympic gold medal after admitting to anabolic steroid use.

Gambling: America’s National Pastime? (March 10, 1986).

Brian Bosworth (January 05, 1987). Oklahoma’s Bosworth was one of 21 college football players deemed ineligible for bowl games that year by the NCAA after testing positive for steroids.

The Florida State Seminoles football team (May 16, 1994).

Kevin Gogan (October 26, 1998). Mike Silver’s 1998 cover story on the increasing amount of unapologetically violent players in the NFL.

Barry Bonds (March 15, 2004)

Again, Barry’s suspiciously giant head two years later (March 13, 2006).

Manny Ramirez (May 18, 2009) after being busted for performance-enhancing drugs.

ex-NFL player agent Josh Luchs’ tell-all expose on paying amateur athletes (October 18, 2010).

Ben Roethlisberger (May 10, 2010) after being accused of rape.

Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel (June 6, 2011) after being busted by the NCAA for violations.

Michael Vick’s dog Sweet Jasmine (December 29, 2008)

OJ Simpson (June 27, 1994)

The Boston College point shaving scandal (February 16, 1981). (Via @redfabbri)

Joe Paterno (November 21, 2011)

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