13 Things In Life We Wish Were Automated

Life throws us things every day that we wish someone else would just take care of instead. At least Outlook.com is checking “organize inbox” off your to-do list. Here’s a handful of things ain’t nobody got time for!

1. Shampooing your super long locks

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2. Folding the fitted sheet

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3. Washing the car.

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4. Organizing your closet

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5. Cooking and eating a square meal after a long day

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6. Conquering life without a dishwasher

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7. Working out

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8. Taking out the trash

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9. Parallel parking

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10. Moving

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11. Packing

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12. Cleaning glass streak and squeak-free, while walking

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13. Sorting through an overcrowded inbox


With Outlook.com, you can set Sweep to delete or even keep email out of your inbox before it arrives. You may have to hire an assistant to help with those fitted sheets, but Outlook.com keeps your inbox organized automatically.

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