10 Definitive Answers To The One Direction VS Justin Bieber Battle

Here’s the big million dollar question: Who has the most share-worthy video? Justin Bieber or One Direction? According to the VMAs, One Direction does! Agree or disagree? Battle it out in the comments, and search more about Justin Bieber and One Direction with Bing.

1. QUESTION: Are 5 guys better than one?

Answer: If we are talking quantity over quality, yes! (But could we have multiple Justin Biebers please?)

2. One Direction

These are the guys in One Direction, as if you didn’t know.

3. Justin Bieber

This is Justin Bieber. (No, there is not 2 of him.)

2. QUESTION: Who’s better at playing musical instruments?

Answer: I hear that Harry Styles plays the kazoo, but look, Justin is playing cowbell down there!

5. Niall, from One Direction, plays the guitar.

6. Justin Bieber plays cowbell.


3. QUESTION: Who has the best animals doppelganger?

Answer: See below for yourself.

4. QUESTION: Who has the coolest celebrity friends?

Answer: Bieber. C’mon. Who’s cooler than Usher?

15. Usher is Bieber’s mentor.

16. Demi Lovator and Niall Horan are said to be “just friends.”

Although they’ve never met in person… (yet).

5. QUESTION: Who has the best cross-generational appeal?

Answer: Louis Tomlinson’s grandpa is adorable, so One Direction is leading the way.

18. Louis Tomlinson’s grandpa, Keith Tomlinson

19. Bieber Fan

6. Question: Who has the best bling?

Answer: Biebs. Look at that Family Guy necklace.

21. Bieber bling!

7. QUESTION: Who has the best accent?

Answer: Sorry Bieber, but the One Direction guys are from the UK. Their accents are awesome.

23. One Direction and their accents

8. QUESTION: Who looks more like a Furby?

Answer: Niall, from One Direction, of course.

25. Niall looks like a Furby.

9. QUESTION: Who are the better dancers?

Answer: It’s a tie. Let these gifs do the talking for you!

10. QUESTION: Who has the best photoshopped gif?

Answer: Tie. (Again). It’s self-explanatory.

33. One Direction

34. Justin Bieber

Who has the most Share-Worthy Video?

36. Is it “Boyfriend?”

37. Is it “What Makes You Beautiful?”

38. According to the VMAs, ONE DIRECTION does!

39. So, do you think that’s right?

One Direction thinks so.

40. Let us know in the comments. Who’s better? Bieber or One Direction!?

Let Bieber dance his way into your heart.

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