31 Free Wedding Printables Every Bride-To-Be Should Know About

Your big day doesn’t have to break the bank.

1. Save the Dates


For these (here, here, and here) and others on this list, you have several options with printing. For almost anything 8.5×11” or smaller, you can print at home using quality paper or cardstock. Otherwise, professional print shops work, along with online printers like Vistaprint or UPrinting.

ID: 3560341

2. Cards for Bridesmaids


Get them here and here.

ID: 3560554

3. Cards for Groomsmen

Customize colors and text here.

ID: 3560873

4. Invitations


Download and edit here, here, and here.

ID: 3585739

5. Photo Booth Props

Find them here.

ID: 3560772

6. Banners

You’ll print the letters individually, cut small slits in each, then string everything together. Find this one here.

ID: 3585852

Or, even fancier: These are printed on super thin sheets of foam that are then painted with glue, and covered with glitter. Find step-by-step directions here.

ID: 3585887

7. Cutlery Tags

Get them here.

ID: 3560773

8. Placemats

Print them here.

ID: 3560735

10. Activity Book for Kids


A quick way to keep little ones busy at the table? These easy-to-assemble activity books. Print them here, then bind them with colored yarn or twine that ties into your color scheme.

ID: 3560458

12. Ice Breakers

How to combat awkward silence: Ice breakers + alcohol. Print them here.

ID: 3586036

13. Signs


Find them here and here.

ID: 3560540

14. Table Numbers


These are ready to use as-is, and these let you add a pretty DIY watercolor accent.

ID: 3560490

15. Programs


Print them here and here.

ID: 3586455

16. Food Allergy Placecards

If you have a large guest count and a seated dinner service, these are a fool-proof way to keep track of who gets what. Print them here.

ID: 3586021

17. Drink Tickets


Catered bar with per-person drink limits? (Or: Wild-card uncle who starts singing Sinatra after two beers?) Find these in four different colors here.

ID: 3560724

19. Mad Libs


Interactive, entertaining, and your [adjective] guests will [verb] you for it. Print them here and here.

ID: 3561043

20. Drink Stickers

Get them here.

ID: 3560776

21. Customized Monogrammed Print

You can customize the colors, text, and size on this — then use it as anything from favor tags, to framed centerpieces, to a post-wedding wall print. Get it here.

ID: 3560853

22. Paper Flowers


Fair warning that these take a bit of time to cut and assemble layer by layer — but the end result is worth it. (And they won’t wilt!) Print them here and here.

ID: 3585931

23. Toppers


For sweets and treats. Print them here.

ID: 3586142

24. Candy Bags or Boxes


Household/single feed printers can actually handle thin paper bags. Print these here or here.

ID: 3585300

25. Guestbook Advice Cards


Stack these and save for later. Get them here.

ID: 3560439

26. Vintage-Inspired Postcards

If you have each guest sign their own, these can also double as a guestbook. Print this set here.

ID: 3593956

27. Guestbook Poster

Or customize and download this template. Then have guests sign, and frame it as a wedding day keepsake.

ID: 3560950

28. Sparkler Holders

Cut small slits in each, then load ‘em up with end-of-night sparklers. Print them here.

ID: 3560936

29. Bows

Find these here.

ID: 3588402

30. Instructionals

#BecauseOfCourse. Customize and print here.

ID: 3586094

31. Thank You Tags

Download here.

ID: 3560532

Bonus: Fonts!

Design any and all of the above items on your own with a starter font collection, like this one.

ID: 3560779

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