This Bracelet Delivers An Electric Shock Every Time You Skip The Gym


1. This is the Pavlok wristband, due out next year:

ID: 3476432

2. It’s a bolt-emblazoned bracelet that promises to “[turn] your resolutions into reality” by zapping you with an electric shock every time you give into a bad habit.

ID: 3476437

3. How it works: You program your goals into Pavlok’s smartphone app. Then you choose what happens if you don’t meet them.

ID: 3476521

4. Those habits might include snoozin’….

ID: 3476439

5. Spending too much time on social media…

ID: 3476441

6. Or skipping the gym.

ID: 3476648

7. You’ll assign a consequence to each, ranging from small nudges — like using vibration or sound to remind you to get back on track…

ID: 3476506

8. To large penalties, like paying cash fines, or getting (quite literally) jolted:

ID: 3476778

9. The latter may sound crazy, but according to Pavlok’s CEO Maneesh Sethi: “Sometimes crazy works.”

ID: 3476928

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