34 Beautiful And Creative Photography Ideas For Twins


1. Put two peas in a pod:

2. Give them their crowning glory:

3. Share the spotlight with a sibling:

4. Or with mom:

7. Get things rolling:

8. Let them eat cake:

9. Like, a lot of cake:


10. OK, no more cake:

Tania Vargas / John Chris Photography via Flickr: johnchris

11. Run in the fields:


13. Focus on just the hands:


16. Go big with a bold prop:

17. Or crazy costumes:

18. Or just keep things simple:

21. Let your hair down:

22. Jump around:

23. Or hang around:

24. Bring the bling:

Ever After Photography

26. And the festive theme:

27. Turn things into a trio:

Photos like this one are a composite: the dog and empty swings are photographed first, then the twins, with mom and dad holding them from behind. Images are merged, hands are Photoshopped out, and you’re left with this impossibly happy dog — and his two new best pals.

29. Don your best red, white, and blue:

30. Revisit the same pose from a few years before:

31. Let the words do the talking:
Tania Vargas / John Chris Photography via Flickr: johnchris

33. It’s not always easy being a twin…

34. But it’s definitely worth it.


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