There’s A Good Chance Bacon The Cat Is Your New Hero

And/or benevolent leader. All hail Bacon!

1. This is Bacon.

ID: 1895983

2. He’s judging you.

ID: 1895956

3. Not because he’s mean or anything…

ID: 1896000

4. …but because he’s so much better than you.

ID: 1896095

5. He knows what’s important in life, and often demands outside excursions to commune with nature.

ID: 1896121

6. Or an all-chocolate dinner feast.

ID: 1896209

7. He’s well aware that he’s super good looking.

ID: 1896385

8. And is comfortable admitting that he’s basically God’s gift to anyone with eyes lucky enough to gaze upon him.

ID: 1897108

9. He’s also a courageous and fierce hunter. Just look at the vicious squirrel he has slain and delivered to you!

ID: 1897075

10. He’s super stealthy, too.

ID: 1897095

11. With a little sleight of hand, Bacon can make anything his.

ID: 1897100

12. But with a face like this, you’re likely to give him anything he wants anyway.

ID: 1897124

13. See, Bacon has poise.

ID: 1897129

14. He has style.

ID: 1897141

15. He has a smile that will make you melt.

ID: 1897148

16. And he can be downright intimidating when he wants to be.

ID: 1897162

17. He’s not above looking a little goofy for the sake of a laugh, though

ID: 1897169

18. Just not TOO goofy, obviously.

ID: 1897200

19. He has a reputation to uphold, after all. It’s tough work being this sophisticated all the time!

ID: 1897224

20. See, even cats as naturally fabulous as Bacon get a bit overwhelmed sometimes.

ID: 1897414

21. Key word: sometimes. And definitely not for long.

ID: 1897493

22. Because if there’s one thing Bacon’s good at, it’s being fabulous.

ID: 1897539

23. So at this point you’ve probably realized that Bacon is everything you want to be in life, right?

ID: 1898250

24. Just remember to be yourself and follow your dreams. Oh, and you should never forget that no matter what you do, Bacon will be better than you.

ID: 1898276

25. Sorry, it’s just the truth!


ID: 1898303

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