13 Signs You’ve Gone Too Far With Your Pet’s Halloween Costume

It’s all fun and games until your pet suffers a long-lasting identity crisis.

1. This is the look on your dog’s face when you dress her up as an elephant.

ID: 1866044

This level of sadness should never be seen during holiday frivolity.

ID: 1866048

Never forget.

ID: 1866054

2. You’ve forgotten whether or not your pet likes scuba diving.

ID: 1867718

(He doesn’t. Promise.)

ID: 1867767

3. You seem to have lost sight of the fact that there’s a fine line between carefully chosen accessories and maniacal fashion sculpting.

ID: 1866017

Sometimes less is more when considering a costume.

ID: 1867682

4. You can’t remember what kind of animal this was originally. Or was it a rabbit all along?

ID: 1869496

This is almost certainly not a real spider… or is it?

ID: 1869505

And this is a bear, right?

ID: 1869508

5. You’ve forgotten the fact that, generally speaking, making sure your dog remains non-mechanical is a plus.

ID: 1866014

6. You’ve somehow convinced yourself that dressing your cat in historical garb is a good idea.

ID: 1869519

(It’s not, in case you were wondering.)

ID: 1869526

Nope, not even if you’re going for the 2008 Kanye look.

ID: 1869530

7. You have framed your dog for a violent crime.

ID: 1872127

And/or have signed your dog up for a violent crusade against cats.

ID: 1872131

This is NOT a happy soldier.

ID: 1874752

8. Oh, and you know you’ve gone way too far when this sad sight is your dog.

ID: 1869618

9. Or this is your dog.

Via Ren Netherland / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
ID: 1872135

10. Or, this guy who you’ve forced your patriotism on.

Via Ren Netherland / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
ID: 1872139

11. Or, for the love of God, THIS.

Via Ren Netherland / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
ID: 1872138


Via Ren Netherland / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
ID: 1872140

May this face forever remain the irrefutable sign that you’ve gone too far. WAY too far.

Via Ren Netherland / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
ID: 1872149

12. That face… and this.

ID: 1874744

13. And last, but not least, you know you’ve gone too far when you force your dog to coordinate costumes…

ID: 1866021

No really, it’s rude that you would just assume he wanted to dress like this.

ID: 1866025

Have you even ever offered him spaghetti?

ID: 1867700

I mean really. Have a little respect!

ID: 1877131

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