Irrefutable Proof That Corgis Are Actually Secretly Superheroes

Stubby legs, mighty heart, big ears: the anatomy of the perfect hero.

1. You’re probably wondering how and why the world’s most disproportionate dog breed is a secret superhero. Understandable.

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2. Consider this: Only someone with supernatural powers could resist a treat tower so wonderful.

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3. And it’s hard to deny that these pups on the beach are more fierce and noble than anything you’ve ever seen before.

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4. They’re also masters of disguise. Just look at this robocorgi!

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5. It’s important to be able to assume convincing disguises when saving the world since, obviously, people can’t suspect your true identity.

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6. Here we see a corgi who was obviously saving some vulnerable sea creatures from a shark attack and needed to be incognito. Very convincing.

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7. And here’s a corgi infiltrating a wedding party in order to, one can only assume, save the world from a diabolical plan involving weapons a villain planted within the ceremony.

Look at those groomsmen, blissfully unaware of the tragedy that would have befallen them if the corgi weren’t there to save them all.

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8. Even hipsters need saving sometimes, and this corgi was right on the scene to help out when needed.

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9. And, though they don’t like to brag, some corgis are, in fact, shape-shifters.

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10. In addition to their amazing powers of disguise, they’re very caring. Just check out this corgi watching over a baby.

Every good superhero looks out for the vulnerable and innocent.

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11. And here’s another corgi majestically overlooking the neighborhood children, ensuring that they are safe and happy.

A corgi never has a day off.

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12. They’re also better than the TSA at checking baggage since they are committed enough to become one with the suitcase itself.

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13. They’re really brave about confronting unknown enemies.

Fear isn’t a factor.

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14. I mean really, it doesn’t get more impressive than this perfectly executed lettuce attack.


ID: 1418716

15. They’re pretty serious about martial arts since a superhero always needs some sweet moves.

Feel grateful you haven’t seen his karate chop!

ID: 1418625

16. And they’re really stealthy.

Super important for fighting crime and catching the bad guys off guard.

ID: 1418667

17. And very graceful.

ID: 1418679

18. Oh, and also? When they think no one’s watching, corgis fly. FLY.

ID: 1418644


ID: 1418647



ID: 1418661

21. And just in case you needed more evidence, remember that even the QUEEN rolls with corgis.

Oh, and Daniel Craig. But whatevs, focus on the corgis!

ID: 1418805

22. Everywhere the Queen of England goes, her corgis accompany her.

Just try to convince me they’re not her security detail. I mean REALLY.

ID: 1418817

23. She won’t even go underwear shopping without a corgi by her side.

She’s just being reasonable, preventing attack by villains by having her own personal superhero by her side.

ID: 1418823

24. So I think it’s time we just face the facts and realize that corgis are way more impressive than we once thought. They are, in a word, SUPER.

Also, this shirt really needs to get made because it’s perfect.

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