21 Bulldogs That Won’t Be Told What To Do

You’re not the boss of them, as much as you wish you could be.

1. Whatever this “drinking age” rule is, this pup wants you to know that it’s bullshit now. Time to drink.

ID: 1760003

2. This guy was just asked to get off the swing to let the “children” use it. He’s respectfully declining that request.

ID: 1760004

3. These two agree and request a push, please.

ID: 1760005

4. This ball is hers now and she won’t hear one word of your “maybe a smaller ball would be better” nonsense.

ID: 1759999

5. This dog was just asked to look at the camera for a photo. Don’t even think about asking him to say cheese.

ID: 1760996

6. This pup was told that she would be getting some exercise on the hike. She had other plans.

ID: 1760997

7. Same goes for this little lady, but with Frisbee.

ID: 1761010

8. This guy was told to buckle his seatbelt.

ID: 1760999

9. And this one was told to stop collecting sticks.

ID: 1761001

10. This gal was asked to join the selfie session going on behind her.

ID: 1761002

11. And this one was asked to at least pretend to be interested in the conversation she was having.

ID: 1761004

12. This dog was asked to be polite while there was company over.

ID: 1761006

13. And this guy was asked to get off his butt and do something with his day other than watch TV.

ID: 1761008

14. This puppy wants you to know that your requesting that she stop chewing on things is an insult to the very painful teething she has going on.

ID: 1761018

15. And this dog…

ID: 1761021

16. Not to mention this dog…

ID: 1761022

17. Oh, and this one too….

ID: 1761023

18. Pretty much every last one of them…

ID: 1761024

19. …would rather be sleeping than dealing with you.

ID: 1761025

20. It’s good to just accept it and move on.

ID: 1761027

21. Except for this guy, who wants you to know that he never plans on sleeping ever, so you might as well get used to it.

ID: 1761028

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