12 Reasons Why Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Adorable

Most seals live in ice cold waters, but the Hawaiian monk seal is a tropical exception.

1. The monk seals are known to Native Hawaiians as “ilio holo i ka uaua,” meaning “dog that runs in rough water.”

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2. Monk seals eat everything from eels to octopus.

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3. When the monk seal is not hunting or eating, it basks on the beach.

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Let’s look at some more photos of it hanging loose on sandy Hawaiian shores.

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Here is a monk seal napping in the waves.

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This one is content.

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This one is wondering about the meaning of the universe.

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This one partied too hard last night.

ID: 749028

This monk seal has found a kindred spirit.

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“Hey, you looking at me?”

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4. Also, monk seals are happy to rest on volcanic coastlines.

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So happy to rest.

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5. And to rest on coral.

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6. Sometimes monk seals yawn.

And are even bashful about it.

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7. Monk seals are friendly.

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When they want to be.

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8. They will surf a wave with you.

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9. Mother monk seals use the beach for pupping.

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10. Doe-eyed pups!

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11. Mother monk seals remain with their pups for the first six weeks.

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Together constantly.

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Then, the mother abandons the pup, which is sad, but the mother is starving.

ID: 751378

She has already lost hundreds of pounds and needs to eat.

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12. Hawaiian monk seals love you. Do you love them?

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