Tiny Pomeranians Are The Secret To World Peace

Everything is solved. No bad things can happen anymore.

1. Why must there be war?

ID: 1172964

2. Why must there be hate?

ID: 1172956

3. Why must there be arguing?

ID: 1173009

4. Why doesn’t everybody just love everybody?

ID: 1173226

5. Let’s just all get along.

ID: 1172946

6. Let’s just be happy and everybody be friends.

ID: 1172962

7. No more arguing.

ID: 1172958

8. No more being mean.

ID: 1172969

9. No more war.

ID: 1173012

10. Just everybody is happy and there is peace.

ID: 1172973

11. Ok??

ID: 1175779

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