The 13 Sexiest Moments In David Beckham’s New Underwear Ad

Guy Ritchie makes the soccer star chase his clothes in some H&M undies, and yes, it’s as enjoyable as you’d think.

1. When a car pulls away with his robe and he’s in his undies.

ID: 864616

2. And then when he decides to go running after the car, losing his shirt in the intensity of it all.

ID: 864617

3. When he jumps over a wall like a hunk in his undies and slippers.

ID: 864618

4. When he runs by these dogs.

ID: 864614

5. And then when he runs all intensely down the street.

ID: 864603

6. When he jumps and goes running and flexes his butt.

ID: 864604

7. This moment again, but closer.

ID: 864609

8. And one more time, because this part is very important.

ID: 864611

9. When he goes running towards the pool.

ID: 864608

10. And then when he gets out of the pool like this.

ID: 864602

11. When he runs all seriously down the sidewalk.

ID: 864606

12. And then when he gives up and decides to stand and be sweaty and take deep breaths.

ID: 864613

13. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, when this happens.

ID: 864612

Catch the full underwear chase here:

ID: 864720

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