The Prince Of Sweden Is A Total Babe

Grade A Royal Swedish Meat.

1. This is Carl.

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2. AKA His Royal Highness Carl Philip, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Värmland.

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3. AKA total babe.

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4. Sure, he probably won’t ever be King Of Sweden, because he’s, like, third in line to the crown…

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5. But it doesn’t matter…

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6. Because he’s first in line to my heart.

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7. Carl is a legit knight of Sweden and therefore gets to carry a sword and walk around with a sash and medals and this hat.

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8. But more importantly, he gets to look in the mirror and see this every day.

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9. Oh, yes, and this.

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10. He gets to do prince stuff like have a really strong jaw.

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11. And look really good in suits.

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12. And carry gold medals.

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13. Also, Carl’s interests include running with flames.

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14. Standing dashingly next to his sister in exaggerated royal jewelry.

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(He’s obviously the prettier one.)

ID: 1191825

15. Riding boats.

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16. Thinking about prince stuff.

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17. And intently pondering his own total babeness.

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18. He also likes to look dashing in sunglasses next to his dweeby brother-in-law, Prince Daniel.

Lars Baron / Getty Images


ID: 1191865

19. Scratching his beautiful royal locks of hair.

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20. And slapping himself in the head because he just can’t believe how lucky he is.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
ID: 1191867

21. To be a total, princely babe.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
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