The 49 Most WTF Pictures Of People Posing With Animals

I don’t understand what’s happening at all.

1. These two wonderful friends with a giant squash.

2. This sword-wielding grandpa and his chihuahua.

3. This wonderfully adorable family.

4. This prince and his majestic steed.

5. These two pals just chillin on the street corner.

6. These two awkward friends.

7. These beautiful princesses.

10. This upside-down twerker and her cat.

11. These two bed bugs.

13. This woman and her furry beaver.

14. This baby and his demon friend.

15. Whatever is happening here.

16. And whatever is happening here.

17. These two nose-lickers.

18. This kid and her terrified pet.

20. This wonderfully costumed man posing with his Simba.

21. These two crazies posing with their tongues out.

22. Whatever is happening here.

23. These ballet buddies.

24. This Poké master and his wondrous Pokémon steed.

26. This guy giving his rooster a swig.

28. This girl and her TERRIFIED dog.

29. This buffalo and his best bud.

30. This girl taking selfies with her chicken.

32. This guy posing with his mischievous pal.

35. This guy and his outrageous cow.

36. This terribly awkward family photo.

37. This dude and his demon best friend.

38. This guy and his awkward cat that might be broken.

39. These two biker chicks.

43. These butthole gazing lovers.

44. This dude and his polar bear selfie.

45. These two best friends.

46. These partying poodles.

48. This grandpa and his pooch.

49. And all of this.

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