The 28 Most Sexual Moments From One Direction’s Fragrance Ad

This is how you sell fragrances, I guess.

1. When Louis fingers this little camera thing.

ID: 1554195

2. When Niall frames his perfect blue eyes.

ID: 1554196

3. When Louis sensuously swivels around in this grapefuit chair and doesn’t look very sexual but you know he’s probably thinking about stuff, ya know.

ID: 1554198

4. When Liam sexually sniffs these berries.

ID: 1554199

5. And when Harry shoves his nose and lips into these flowers.

ID: 1554201

6. When Louis gropes this actual grapefruit.

ID: 1554200

7. When Niall sniffs the air all sexually.

ID: 1554204

8. And then Harry has eye sex with the camera.

ID: 1554205

9. Then Liam.

ID: 1554203

10. When Zayn sexually blows these petals all over.

ID: 1554207

11. And then Harry sexually caresses the wind.

ID: 1554208

12. When Zayn tries to passionately cup these flowers.

ID: 1554211

13. And then Louis and Harry just dump all over him.

ID: 1554212

14. When Niall sexually sniffs this sock.

ID: 1554210

15. And then Louis looks all sexy with this grapefruit.

ID: 1554215

16. And then Harry aggressively holds on to this flower.

ID: 1554214

17. When Liam gently touches this strawberry and these grapes.

ID: 1554213

18. And then when Niall turns out to be behind him the whole time.

ID: 1554219

19. When Louis squirts himself in the face.

ID: 1554220

20. And then rubs himself all sexually like this.

ID: 1554222

21. When Liam smiles.

ID: 1554221

22. And Harry winks.

ID: 1554226

23. And then Louis fingers this giant blob.

ID: 1554225

24. And then looks all sexual like this.

ID: 1554224

25. When he gets real close to the camera.

ID: 1554231

26. When they all stare at the fragrance bottle like they want to make love to it.

ID: 1554228

27. And then when Louis steals it to go spend time with it alone.

ID: 1554229

28. And finally when Zayn totally grabs Liam’s boob behind the fragrance title.

ID: 1554230

Here’s the entire sexual experience:

ID: 1554255

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