The Most Ridiculous And Fabulous Recreation Of Lady Gaga’s Live "Applause" Performance

Please, don’t try to be this fabulous on your own.

1. YouTuber Jake Nodar decided it would be a great idea to recap Lady Gaga’s VMA performance of “Applause” in his car…

ID: 1581874

2. Complete with cameos by his wonderfully-talented dog, Milton.

ID: 1581878

3. And costume changes.

ID: 1581880

4. And the final product is ridiculous and beautiful and perfect.

ID: 1581882

5. And probably kinda dangerous ‘cause he is driving…

ID: 1581884

6. But it’s beautiful, nonetheless.

ID: 1581886

7. The costume changes are on point.

ID: 1581888

8. As are Jake’s amazing hair flips.

ID: 1581890

9. And, of course, Milton’s deadpan depiction of Gaga herself.

ID: 1581892

10. Watch the entire behind-the-wheel performance here:

ID: 1581870

(And, of course, resist the urge to recreate it on your own in a moving vehicle.)

ID: 1581907

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