The 33 Most Important Bunny GIFs On The Internet

Bunnies are actually GIF royalty. We owe them everything.

33. This bunny who’s enjoying the wonder and confusion of this cat’s tail for the very first time.

ID: 1303015

32. This lil guy who is probably the most excited and energetic bunny to ever exist.

ID: 1303023

31. This bunny who is capable of a flawless forward flip, WHILE HOLDING A BALL.

ID: 1303053

30. This expert parkour bunny.

ID: 1303017

29. This bunny who just desperately wants some of cat treats.

ID: 1303149

28. This bunny trying vigorously to escape from this tiny coffee cup.

ID: 1303165

27. This lil guy just wiggling his lil nose.

ID: 1303173

26. This bunny chasing a bunch of carrots tied to a roomba.

ID: 1303175

25. This guy tearing apart the bathroom in the most forgivably adorable way possible.

ID: 1303139

24. This tiny baby bunny who is just living and exploring life.

ID: 1303177

23. This fluffy bunny who is JUST SHOCKED BY SOMETHING RIGHT NOW.

ID: 1303179

22. This bunny yawning more intensely than almost any other animal on earth.

ID: 1303183

21. These painfully fuzzy bunnies just nuzzling one another and being in love.

ID: 1303200

20. This bunny living her dream and becoming the great pianist she always wanted to become.

ID: 1303229

19. These pals just licking their lips in unison.

ID: 1303234

18. This bunny just flopping around the garden.

ID: 1303237

17. This bunny messin’ around with the cat.

ID: 1303243

16. This bunny running up on this other bunny who didn’t even know what was happening.

ID: 1303138

15. This rolling bunny.

ID: 1303244

14. This bunny chewing lettuce more intensely and with greater purpose than any other bunny on this earth.

ID: 1304489

13. This bunny flipping the heck out.

ID: 1304491

12. This bunny licking her own hands and then just flopping out because she got too tired from licking.

ID: 1304506

11. This bunny who is SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED to get to this carrot.

ID: 1304507

10. This friendly guy who wanted to bring you a fluffy bunny pal to keep you warm while he’s away.

ID: 1304516

9. This bunny who can chew and lick and sniff better than all the other bunnies combined.

ID: 1304524

8. This bunny who’s just bopping along until suddenly he decides to break into flight.

ID: 1304538


ID: 1304533

6. This bunny and cat who are besties.

ID: 1304543

5. This bunny tornado.

ID: 1304545

4. This bunny who may or may not have murdered that man lying in the background.

ID: 1304548

3. This bunny who just feels like flopping on her side for a bit.

ID: 1304550

2. This lil guy just enjoying a nice, nutritious banana.

ID: 1304562

1. And this bunny who is, perhaps, the most glamorous bunny on the entire internet.

ID: 1304575

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