The 16 Cats You Meet On Grindr

Where else is a gay cat gonna meet his mate?

1. The gross cat that just wants your sausage.

ID: 1219505

2. The cat that’s not sure if he’s actually gay.

ID: 1221566

3. The cat that’s sure he’s definitely NOT gay.

ID: 1221070

4. The cat that never shows his face.

ID: 1221567

5. The horned up cat.

ID: 1221568

6. The girl cat that just wants to friend up her best gays.

ID: 1221071

7. The rubber.

ID: 1220950

8. The opportunist.

ID: 1221264

9. The cat who has no idea what’s going on.

ID: 1221263

10. The model cat.

ID: 1221266

11. The cat who just wants your help.

ID: 1221267

12. The military cat.

ID: 1221561

13. The racist cat.

ID: 1221562

14. The cat who’s a little too obsessed with booty.

ID: 1221563

15. The licker.

ID: 1221564

16. And the daddy cat.

ID: 1221565

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