The 42 Best Moments Ever On "The Maury Show"

THE RESULTS ARE IN. You *ARE* the best show ever on daytime television.

1. When Delicious showed off her sexy look.

ID: 798743

2. Whenever a teenage girl got a reaction like this.

ID: 798754

3. When Nicole got worried about her sister.

ID: 798758

4. When this celebratory dance happened.

ID: 798924

5. Whenever this reveal happened…

ID: 798929

6. … And whenever this reaction followed.

ID: 798930

7. Whenever anybody freaked out backstage.

ID: 799472

8. When this woman got dramatic.

ID: 798751

9. Whenever Maury was visibly uncomfortable with his own guests.

ID: 799542

10. When this guy was *not* the father.

ID: 798931

11. When this guy *was* the father.

ID: 798932

12. Basically whenever anybody was or was not the father.

ID: 799478

13. When this epic dance happened.

ID: 798933

14. When Misty found a pair of size 2 panties.

ID: 799541

15. When this lady wanted to sniff to confirm her suspicions.

ID: 798937

16. When this question was posed.

ID: 798938

17. Whenever the audience reacted to anything.

ID: 798939

18. When this woman made this face.

ID: 798941

19. When Thomas made this argument.

ID: 799480

20. When this wonderful interaction happened.

ID: 798943

21. When this guy did a flip because he was so happy.

ID: 798948

22. Pretty much whenever any of these questions came on screen.

ID: 798949

23. When Eric tried to take it back.

ID: 799321

24. Whenever the guests were surprised by their own actions.

ID: 799255

25. When this sequence happened.

ID: 798955

26. Whenever anybody yelled at the big TV screens.

ID: 798974

27. When this happened.

ID: 798977

28. When Arica found an unexplainable tooth.

ID: 798979

29. When whatever is happening here happened.

ID: 798986

30. Whenever anybody was “2 billion percent” sure of anything.

ID: 798988

31. When Holly defended her true love.

ID: 799317

32. Whenever anybody got in someone else’s face.

ID: 799006

33. Whenever anybody screamed at someone in a different room.

ID: 799475

34. When this happened.

ID: 799008

35. Whenever the audience was just as entertaining as the guests.

ID: 799009

36. When this question popped up out of nowhere.

ID: 799011

37. When Crystal got fed up with her sexy mom.

ID: 799012

38. When this woman was too sexy to handle.

ID: 799014

39. When this girl admitted she idolizes Snooki.

ID: 799087

40. Whenever anybody confronted their irrational fears.


ID: 799088

41. Whenever a 16 year old said she wanted a baby.

ID: 799089

42. And whenever Maury realized how ridiculous his own show was.

Same, Maury. Same.

ID: 798781

Subtitles are as they originally appeared on “The Maury Show.” (h/t for creating and curating most of these wonderful GIFs.)

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