Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Are Perfect At Halloween Once Again

Everything about this family is adorable.

1. This year, NPH and family went as Tweedledee, Tweedledum, the White Rabbit, and Alice in Wonderland.

NPH uploaded the pic to Instagram with the caption: “Our costumes for the Halloween carnival at the kids’ preschool yesterday. But 10/31 will be frighteningly different..! @DavidBurtka came up with both themes/costumes. He’s amazing.”

ID: 1837902

2. They were equally adorable last year as the characters of The Wizard of Oz

ID: 1837919

3. And the year before that as the characters of Peter Pan

ID: 1837921

4. And basically they are adorable every year. Always. All the time.

ID: 1837953

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