Please Take A Moment To Appreciate The Flowing Majesty Of Harry Styles’ Untamed Hair

Long hair, don’t care!

1. Let us take a moment to consider this running sparkle of magic and grace known as Harry “Long Hair, Don’t Care” Styles.

2. Normally this hair is hidden in scarves and hats, wrapped away behind cloth, imprisoned by rubber bands.

3. But when it’s set free… it is a beautiful, majestic creature of its own, full of magic and whimsy.

4. Look how it blows softly in the wind as he shakes.


5. Look how it wraps about his face as he shimmies.

6. Look how happily it bounces.


7. It is, truly, a spectacle. A great work of art. Like the wisps of a classical painting, the brushstrokes of a master.

8. Look how it engulfs his entire face.

9. Look how gracefully it flows in the wind.

10. Look how it curls, how it twists, how it shivers.

11. Look how it reaches off into this distance, following its greatest hopes and dreams.

12. No hair flip will ever come close to the majesty of this hair flip.


13. No hair flip commands such anger and grace all in one.

14. No hair shake contains such multitudes.

15. Look how softly it gives way to Harry’s gentle touch.



19. Look how wildly its curls turn.

20. There is barely a human here. There is only hair.

21. Gorgeous hair, flowing like a deep river.


22. Hair with a soul, hair that breathes, hair that loves.


23. Hair that would hold you softly in the night.

24. It is a great wonder of the world.

25. God bless every strand.

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