21 Cats That Don’t Want To Be In Your Stupid Picture

NO. They will NOT say cheese.

1. This cat who would rather be literally anywhere but here right now.

ID: 914323

2. This cat who’s gettin real tired of snapping selfies for Facebook.

ID: 914325

3. This cat who barely even knows this girl and doesn’t want to be seen in the same photo together.

ID: 914328

4. This cat who is pretty much entirely done with everything.

ID: 914330

5. This cat who said TWICE ALREADY that her hair was NOT ready for a picture.

ID: 914331

6. This cat who’s tired of smiling in these stupid computer selfies.

ID: 914332

7. This cat who doesn’t want pictures of him and this hipster showing up online.

ID: 914327

8. This cat who clearly said “no thanks!” the first five times Jeff asked for a cute picture but he wouldn’t take the hint.

ID: 914336

9. This cat who was just having a bad day and didn’t want to remember it but obviously his friend insisted anyway.

ID: 914338

10. This cat who is 500% done with this girl’s incessant picture-taking.

ID: 914340

11. This cat who thinks her owner’s MySpace album is doing just fine right now and that she should just stop.

ID: 914343

12. This cat who is on her absolute LAST nerve with this girl.

ID: 914347

13. This cat who wants nothing more than to be far, FAR away from this woman.

ID: 914357

14. This cat who has had ENOUGH.

ID: 914363

15. This cat who might actually be getting felt up.

ID: 914466

16. This cat who wanted to be a cow for Halloween, and so NO, SHE’S NOT HAPPY WITH TAKING PICTURES.

ID: 914574

17. This cat who thinks this girl’s hat is atrocious and she wouldn’t be caught dead in a picture with her.

ID: 914468

18. This cat who thinks these stupid Facebook profile pictures are too cliché and wishes it would stop.

ID: 914567

19. This cat who is trying desperately, DESPERATELY to get away.

ID: 914571

20. This cat who thinks, “Oh, hey, maybe we could have gone to Applebee’s for my birthday like I suggested instead of staying home, but NO.”

ID: 914572

21. And pretty much ALL of these cats…

ID: 914335

But this guy especially.

ID: 914914

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