British Rowing Team Blesses The World Again By Stripping Down To Fight Homophobia

Another year, another calendar of British rowers taking their butts out to fight bullies.

1. FOR THE UNFAMILIAR: These are the Warwick Rowers, a rowing club at Warwick University in the U.K. with a beautiful habit of taking off their clothes every year for the wonderful spectacle known as the Naked Rowers calendar.

Warwick Rowers
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2. The Naked Rowers calendar was created in 2009 and has since raised £100,000 for their team and, more importantly, their charity initiative, Sport Allies, which works to fight homophobia through sports.

Warwick Rowers
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3. Which means all of this glorious nakedness is happening FOR A GOOD CAUSE, and it is therefore perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged to appreciate all of this beautiful British magnificence.

Warwick Rowers
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4. The guys are currently crowdfunding the 2015 edition of their calendar, which will once again help raise funds for their charity.

Warwick Rowers
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5. Which means all of this naked butt action by the water is still happening for GOOD.

Warwick Rowers
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6. It means caring about sports can actually be WORTH IT.

Not fancy the Football? The Documentary on making of calendar is more fun with fewer shirts http://t.co/svHhxIn7wx

— Warwick Rowers (@naked_rowers)
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7. It means these beautiful men exist for GLORY AND GOODNESS.

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8. It means appreciating everything happening here is NECESSARY.

Warwick Rowers
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9. It means all of this naked log carrying is happening TO FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT.

Warwick Rowers
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10. It means each and every one of these butts was born into the world to MAKE CHANGE.

Warwick Rowers
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11. And it means this naked fire hose situation is happening FOR A REASON.

Warwick Rowers
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12. Of course, the rowers themselves want everybody to appreciate their naked good-doing as well as the cause behind it.

“I’ve had the chance to meet people from the LGBT community that I might not otherwise have met,” said Laurence Hulse, the calendar’s centerfold. “I’ve been able to hear about their experiences of being bullied, and struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. I hope that this is something our calendars and our films can help to address. Not just by funding our outreach work, but by making a statement. We don’t mind who enjoys the calendars and films. We have fun creating them and we want everyone to have fun looking at them.”

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13. After the success of last year’s calendar, which raised more than £25,000 for Sport Allies and garnered numerous awards, this year’s calendar will feature a bunch of beautiful new models ready to show their butts for charity.

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14. And basically all of it means that each and every one of these glorious men is making a difference and we are truly blessed.

Warwick Rowers
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15. You can follow the Warwick Rowers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where they post sneak peeks of the upcoming calendar.

it's a heatwave here in the UK, we can't confirm or deny it's anything to do with an announcement coming later today

— Warwick Rowers (@naked_rowers)
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16. You can find a number of the rowers themselves on Twitter.

#beach #spain #coast #mates #summer

— Laurence G Hulse (@LaurenceGHulse)
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17. And you can watch the trailer for this year’s project here and help fund the project at their website.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/101584043.
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