27 Animals That Are Coming For You

They know EXACTLY where you are. And they’re coming.

1. This dog who knows EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT HIS MOM and he will NOT let you get away with it.

ID: 1106163

2. This dog who knows you’re keeping a secret from him AND HE WILL MAKE YOU TELL HIM whether you like it or not.

ID: 1106165

3. This cat who needs your help hiding the body.

ID: 1106168

4. This dog who doesn’t have a lot of money… but he does have a particular set of skills, skills he acquired over a very long career, skills that make him a nightmare for people like you.

ID: 1106467

5. This dog who knows where you’ve been hiding her favorite toy.

ID: 1106464

6. This owl who will follow you until you tell him what he wants to know.

ID: 1106472

7. This dog who WILL BREAK YOUR LEGS unless you give him his money.

ID: 1106471

8. This duckling who knows EVERYTHING you said about him last night because he was listening the WHOLE TIME.

ID: 1205095

9. This wombat who let you get away with it last time… but NOT THIS TIME.

ID: 1205099

10. This dog who doesn’t care how cute you think she is, she will FIND YOU AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

ID: 1290682

11. This dog who knows you’ve been keeping secrets.

ID: 1290685

12. This cat who let you get away with not paying rent last month… but not this month.

ID: 1290736

13. This cat who will find you, no matter how long it takes, and MAKE YOU PAY.

ID: 1290748

14. This terrifying monster who will find you and make you give her every bone you’ve been hiding.

ID: 1290793


ID: 1290794

16. This cat who doesn’t want to have to find you but SHE WILL FIND YOU.

ID: 1290928

17. This dog who will come for you by whatever means necessary.

ID: 1290931


ID: 1290968

19. This dog who will stop at NOTHING to find you.

ID: 1290969

20. This rabbit who will go through whatever she can to come for you.

ID: 1291009

21. These puppies who will band together to come for you NO MATTER WHAT.

ID: 1291038

22. This puppy who will TEAR YOU APART.

ID: 1291086

23. This meerkat who knows you have the money. YOU HAVE THE MONEY AND SHE KNOWS IT.

ID: 1291093

24. This cat who WILL FIND YOU.

ID: 1291094

25. This bird who will run as far as it takes.

ID: 1293237

26. This cat who learned how to FLY, JUST SO HE COULD COME FOR YOU.

ID: 1295321

27. And this cat, who will come for you… eventually.

ID: 1290744

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