23 Animals Defying Gravity


1. This dog flying toward his hopes and dreams.

ID: 785752

2. This dog just grabbing the door.

ID: 787022

3. This cat flying away from his troubles to new beginnings.

ID: 790043

4. This dog who is maybe Jesus.

ID: 785744

5. This dog who is DONE accepting his limits.

ID: 786328

6. This pig soaring to new heights.

ID: 785713

7. This cat flying for liberty and justice.

ID: 785716

8. This brave cat leaving for a better place.

ID: 790753

9. This dog making his way downtown.

ID: 785718

10. This dog flying into a sprinkler because he’s a grown dog and HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS.

ID: 785728

11. This majestic guinea pig gliding to freedom.

ID: 786322

12. This proud gay cat flying to equality.

ID: 790730

13. This amazing pup soaring like a majestic eagle.

ID: 786325

14. This cat who CANNOT be tamed.

Sure, gravity got him eventually. But for a split second, gravity was his bitch.

ID: 786327

15. This poodle beating her obstacles.

ID: 786333

16. This hovering spy cat on a mission.

ID: 787106

17. This dog flying into the ocean.

ID: 787015

18. This pup rising against all odds.

ID: 787019

19. This flying superhero cat taking down a super villain.

ID: 790714

20. This super happy flying stoat.

I don’t know what a stoat is, but HE CAN FLY IF HE BELIEVES.

ID: 787064

21. This splendid pug who won’t be pulled down.

ID: 787024

22. This rabbit flying towards everything he’s ever hoped for.

ID: 787105

23. And wherever this cat is going without his friend.

ID: 786323

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