A Steamy Love Letter To Cheese

Nothing stands between us…it’s just you and me. Forever.

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1. Cheese, baby…there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…

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2. It’s just that…well, we’ve been spending so much time together lately…

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3. And it’s been getting so serious between us…

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4. And I just *have* to get this off my chest.

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5. I love you, cheese. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything ever before.

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6. You’re my soulmate, cheese. We were meant 2 b.

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7. I love the way you keep me warm at night.

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8. I love the way you welcome me home every day.

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9. I love that you’re so shy. But you open up when we’re alone.

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10. You’re my best friend, cheese.

ID: 713050

11. My life partner.

ID: 713077

12. I can’t imagine a day on this earth without your warm embrace.

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13. You give me LIFE, cheese.

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14. I want you.

ID: 713163

15. I want you all the time.

ID: 713185

16. Forever.

ID: 713192

17. To me, you are perfect.

ID: 713193

18. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened.

ID: 713199

19. You are warm and golden and beautiful.

ID: 713197

20. You make my insides flutter.

ID: 713221

21. You make my mouth water.

ID: 713244

22. I want to be with you now and always.

ID: 713247

23. Just you and I.

ID: 713260

24. I <3 YOU, CHEESE.

ID: 713059

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