40 Cats Who Could Be Having A Better Time

Cheer up, cats. Your time will come.

1. This cat who has had ENOUGH of this bath.

ID: 765115

2. This cat who doesn’t even like this dog or Christmas or this outfit.

ID: 764805

3. This cat who HATES couches anyway.

ID: 764809

4. This cat who wants to escape himself.

ID: 764810

5. This cat.

ID: 764815

6. This cat who doesn’t even know what she’s supposed to be.

ID: 764817

7. This cat who HATES INTIMACY.

ID: 764819

9. This cat who didn’t want the holiday party to end like this.

ID: 764820

10. This cat who doesn’t even like baking anyway.

ID: 764823

11. This cat.

ID: 764835

13. This cat who showed up after all the food was gone.

ID: 764841

14. This cat who just wants a little more beer.

ID: 764843

15. This cat who hates this girl’s hat.

ID: 764845

16. This cat.

ID: 764854

17. This cat who was unjustly attacked.

ID: 764856

18. This cat who is NOT HAPPY that he’s another year older.

ID: 764859

19. This cat who doesn’t even know what a reindeer is.

ID: 765052

20. This cat.

ID: 765053

21. This cat who is sick of this child.

ID: 765055

22. This cat who just wanted to eat WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

ID: 763809

23. This cat.

ID: 765061

24. This cat who is SO DONE with this girl.

ID: 765064

25. This cat who doesn’t want to end up on MySpace (again).

ID: 765066

26. This cat who didn’t ask to be rescued.

ID: 765070

27. This cat.

ID: 765062

28. And this one.

ID: 765075

29. This cat who could have had an enjoyable bath.

ID: 765077

30. This cat who definitely did not ask for tongue.

ID: 765080

31. This cat whose friends went out without him.

ID: 765082

32. This cat who asked for TOYS, not FOOD.

ID: 765083

34. This breaded cat.

ID: 765092

35. And this one.

ID: 765101

36. And especially this one.

ID: 765096

37. This cat who’s just trying to nap.

ID: 765094

38. This cat who hates everything happening to him.

ID: 765098

39. This cat.

aka Colonel Meow.

ID: 765104

40. And, of course, Grumpy.

ID: 764837

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