40 Cats Who Could Be Having A Better Time

Cheer up, cats. Your time will come.

1. This cat who has had ENOUGH of this bath.

2. This cat who doesn’t even like this dog or Christmas or this outfit.

3. This cat who HATES couches anyway.

4. This cat who wants to escape himself.

6. This cat who doesn’t even know what she’s supposed to be.

7. This cat who HATES INTIMACY.

9. This cat who didn’t want the holiday party to end like this.

10. This cat who doesn’t even like baking anyway.

13. This cat who showed up after all the food was gone.

14. This cat who just wants a little more beer.

15. This cat who hates this girl’s hat.

17. This cat who was unjustly attacked.

18. This cat who is NOT HAPPY that he’s another year older.

19. This cat who doesn’t even know what a reindeer is.

21. This cat who is sick of this child.

22. This cat who just wanted to eat WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

24. This cat who is SO DONE with this girl.

25. This cat who doesn’t want to end up on MySpace (again).

26. This cat who didn’t ask to be rescued.

28. And this one.

29. This cat who could have had an enjoyable bath.

30. This cat who definitely did not ask for tongue.

31. This cat whose friends went out without him.

32. This cat who asked for TOYS, not FOOD.

36. And especially this one.

37. This cat who’s just trying to nap.

38. This cat who hates everything happening to him.

39. This cat.

aka Colonel Meow.

40. And, of course, Grumpy.

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