37 Reasons Why Staying In Is The Best

Why go out to a stuffy, crowded bar when you can stay home, take off your clothes, and consume a pizza and an entire bottle of wine?

You’re finally home and can kick off your shoes!

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So why not just STAY INSIDE??!

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1. Let’s get right to the point: Your friends are probably gonna get annoying and drunk anyway.

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2. Then someone will get WAY too clingy.

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3. And things’ll get REAL weird REAL quick.

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4. BUT if you stay in…you can lounge around in your sweats.

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5. Or your panties.

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6. Or, hell, NOTHING AT ALL.

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8. You can wriggle out of that uncomfortable sweater you hate.

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9. You don’t have to worry if it’s raining or snowing outside.

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10. You can just curl up on the couch next to a comfy pillow.

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11. Wrap yourself in a blanket.

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12. Maybe read a book?

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13. Definitely watch your shows.

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14. Or watch “Matilda” on Netflix.

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15. Or just surf the sites.

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16. You can be your weird self.

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17. Do that freaky thing you always wanted to try.

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18. Just think of all the money you’ll save by NOT GOING OUT!

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19. Obviously, you can crack open a soda.

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20. Or a cold beer.

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21. Or a whole bottle of wine.

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22. And sit back with a friend and guzzle.

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23. And, when you’re inside, you have free access to all of your food reserves.

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24. Or you can order a pizza!

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25. Most importantly, you can just sit back.

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26. Collapse.

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27. And forget about that long week you had at the office.

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28. Put your legs up.

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29. Slide into a comfortable position.

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30. And chill.

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31. Nobody to worry about but yourself.

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32. Nothing to worry about until Monday.

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33. You can just lounge.

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34. Lounge as hard as you want.

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35. Pull up the covers.

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36. And pass out whenever you want.

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37. Best of all, you’ll be home and ready for brunch the next day!

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