33 Dogs And Cats That Just Don’t Know Anymore

Cheer up, little fellas. It gets better.

1. This dog who doesn’t know what he’s doing with the rest of his life.

ID: 693634

2. This cat who doesn’t understand why her boyfriend never texts her first.

ID: 693636

3. This cat who doesn’t know if his “friends” are actually his real friends.

ID: 693637

4. This cat who’s worried he wears sweatpants too many days every week.

ID: 693669

5. This cat.

ID: 694265

6. This cat who thinks adult life is getting too complicated.

ID: 693638

7. This dog who feels like his fashion choices are misunderstood.

ID: 693641

8. This dog who is worried he’s taken on too much at work.

ID: 693639

9. This dog who just wants to fit in.

ID: 693642

10. This dog.

ID: 693643

11. And this one.

ID: 693645

12. This cat who thinks everyone is probably laughing at him.

ID: 693672

13. This cat who wonders if he’ll ever find love.

ID: 693722

14. This cat who’s not sure he likes what he’s becoming.

ID: 693671

15. This cat who remembered something embarrassing she said that one time.

ID: 693738

16. This dog.

ID: 693741

17. This cat who wonders why she’s stuck watching “Homeland” by herself every Sunday.

ID: 693744

18. This dog who doesn’t want to go to work because his co-workers don’t appreciate him.

ID: 693755

19. This dog who thinks maybe everybody else should just stop for a second.

ID: 693757

20. This dog who just wants to enjoy the occasional recreational adult beverage.

ID: 693759

21. This gay cat who just wants to be his fabulous self.

ID: 693765

22. This cat who wonders if her face is always going to be like this.

ID: 693783

23. This dog who thinks maybe he should have ordered a small Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard instead of a large.

ID: 693784

24. This dog who worries she’s not “fun” anymore because she goes to bed before 9 p.m.

ID: 693785

25. This dog who spilled his food and wonders why bad things happen to good people.

ID: 702958

26. This cat who thinks maybe everybody’s lying to him about how good his new jeans look.

ID: 714186

27. This dog who’s worried he’s wasting too much time watching his stories.

ID: 693786

28. This dog.

ID: 693787

29. This cat who just wants to dress the way she likes to dress.

ID: 693717

30. This cat who worries that people will think he’s “too unique” and stop being his friend.

ID: 714226

31. This dog who’s pretty sure his roommates talk about how weird he is when he’s not home.

ID: 693788

32. This cat who thinks he’s probably gonna get fired tomorrow.

ID: 712070

33. And this cat who is literally done with everything.

ID: 714192

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