17 Reasons Gym Class Was Actually The Worst

“Physical education is my favorite,” said nobody ever.

OK. When you’re a kid, gym class is actually awesome.

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ESPECIALLY when the parachute comes out.

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But then you get a little bit older…

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…and realize gym class is actually the worst.

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Let us count the reasons…

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1. Physical activity is just awful.

Pretty much no exceptions.

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2. The gym teacher has literally no idea what’s going on ever.

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3. One kid always takes things wayyy to seriously.

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4. Every time you try to be active, this happens.

ID: 652339

5. Or this.

ID: 652348

6. Or this.

ID: 652467

7. You’re expected to “run.”

How bout no?

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8. And “participate.”

ID: 654822

9. But when you try, this happens.

ID: 674482

10. Or this.

ID: 652331

11. Or this.

ID: 674488

12. But mostly this.

ID: 652325

13. Like, especially this.

ID: 652563

14. ALWAYS this.

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15. Gym class is nothing but pain.

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16. And regret.

ID: 674681

17. And it’s the worst.

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But at least we have lunch!

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