These Redundant Photos Of Khloe Kardashian’s Gym Have A Combined 3.4 Million Likes, Because Why Not

Khloe’s go-to photo is clearly a fan favorite.

1. Six months ago Khloe took this photo at her gym. Since then it has received more than 189,000 likes.

2. After it’s success, she posted basically the same photo a month later.

This one, from five months ago got 195,000.

3. And then continued to post basically the same thing literally 18 times.

Rob Kardashian has also posted a similar photo but has since deleted it.

4. This one is also from 5 months ago and has 195,000 likes.

5. 4 months ago, 172,000 likes

6. 4 months ago, 179,000 likes

7. 3 months ago, 164,000 likes

8. 3 months ago, 202,000 likes

9. 3 months ago, 157,000 likes

10. 3 months, 192,000 likes

11. 2 months ago, 181,000 likes

12. 2 months ago, 188,000 likes

13. 2 months ago, 179,000 likes

14. 1 month ago, 208,000 likes

15. 1 month ago, 229,000 likes

16. 1 month ago, 180,000 likes

17. 1 month ago, 232,000 likes

18. This month, 204,000 likes

For a total of over 3,459,000 likes.

But more power to her. Girl looks healthy, fit and fantastic!

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