17 Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want

Get your friends something they’ll be proud to use.

1. Short-term art.

Check it out here.

ID: 1424291

2. Create a QR Code for their WiFi password.

Check out the how to guide here.

ID: 1422826

3. DIY a tool box jar.

ID: 1422866

4. A personalized cutting board.

Grab this one here.

ID: 1422987

5. Or a folding cutting board.

Pick one up here.

ID: 1424512

6. A strong bottle opener.

Purchase “The Rabbit” here.

ID: 1423006

7. High-quality olive oil.


Pick a jar up here.

ID: 1423077

8. An actually helpful cookbook.

Learn more about the book here.

ID: 1423349

9. A fire extinguisher people don’t want to hide.

Everyone should have one; almost no one does. You might as well give a good-looking one! Order one from France here.

ID: 1423648

10. A customized Christmas ornament.

Order one here.

ID: 1423547

11. A spaghetti measure and trivet.

Grab this gift here.

ID: 1423534

12. A personalized basket.

The baskets don’t have to be big. They’re best when they’re personal, though.

ID: 1423610

13. An iPod speaker that will work in the shower.

Purchase one here.

ID: 1423615

14. Bring soup in a jar so they don’t have to worry about their first dinner.

Get the recipe here!

ID: 1424155

15. A wall outlet they won’t be able to live without.

Grab one here.

ID: 1424223

16. A tasting plate that makes sense.

Grab it here.

ID: 1424414

17. A tree they can watch grow.

Pick one up here.

ID: 1424439

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