Just A Reminder That This Is Miley Cyrus’ Brother

Trace Cyrus proves that Miley isn’t the only adventurous one.

1. Miley Cyrus has a surprisingly big family.

Oh hey Liam!

ID: 3428444

2. But the only one who matters right now is her half-brother, Trace.

ID: 3428435

3. Here he is TBT-ing to 2008.

ID: 3428438

4. Anddddd here he is now.

ID: 3428400

5. He has a band called Ashland HIGH.

He used to be the lead singer of Metro Station before they broke up.

ID: 3428402

6. And runs a clothing brand called Southern Made Hollywood Paid.

ID: 3428405

7. And he has so so so so so many tattoos.

ID: 3428407

8. Like this one of Johnny Cash.

ID: 3428441

9. And this Willie Nelson tribute.

ID: 3428409

10. This coffin.

ID: 3428410

11. This tribute to his dog.

ID: 3428465

12. And this bee…

ID: 3428417

13. For his girlfriend, Brenda Song. Yep, that Brenda Song.

ID: 3428414

14. Oh and the tattoos are starting to spread down his legs as well.

ID: 3428469

15. And now you know!

ID: 3428462

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