27 DIY Ways To Give Your House A Quick Pick-Me-Up

You don’t need to buy new furniture to change the look of your home.

1. Ombre your walls for a trendy look.

Learn how to update your walls here.

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2. Use a paste of water and cornstarch to make removable wallpaper out of fabric.


Learn how here.

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3. Decoupage your lamp for a new light.

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4. Or add the pages right to your wall.

Learn how here.

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5. Glue wallpaper inside of your shelves to give an extra pop of color.

Learn how here.

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6. Color-coordinate your books to update your shelves.

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7. Use household items to hang pictures.

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8. Dip-dye your chairs for a little extra flavor.

Check out the tutorial here.

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9. Up your dining table game by turning it chevron.

Learn how here.

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10. Use corks to create mini planters.

Learn how here.

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11. Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint.

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12. Glam up your mirror with paint.

Learn how here.

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13. Or confetti.

Grab the tutorial here.

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14. Or paint directly ON the mirror for an antique look.

Learn how here.

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15. Draw directly on your lamp with Sharpie to create a herringbone design.

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16. Use tape to add a little energy to your shelf.

Check out the how-to guide here.

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17. Paint your drawers to give them a one-of-a-kind wood look.

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18. Or just go for the gold.

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19. If you’d rather keep your drawers white, paint on the inside to create this surprise.

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20. Embroider a shower curtain to update your bathroom.

Learn how here.

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21. And use a skirt to create a curtain for any window in the house.

Check out the tutorial here.

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22. Repaint your floors for a distressed look.

Grab the tutorial for painting distressed wood here here.

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23. Add doorknobs to the wall to make hangers.

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24. Use tape to give your washer and dryer new life.

Grab a how-to guide here.

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25. Paint your hangers so that your clothing isn’t the only beautiful thing in your closet.

Learn how to paint this design here.

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26. Decorate a canvas pouf for extra seating.

Check it out here.

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27. Paint the edge of your door to break up your white walls.

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