32 Badass Vintage Photographs Of Women And Motorcycles

Girls rule, boys sit in the sidecar. Go on with your bad selves.

REX USA/Bob Carlos Clarke

A group of women associated with the Hells Angels, 1973.

ID: 2514343
Reg Speller/Fox Photos / Getty Images

A woman and a performing seal at a circus, 1935.

ID: 1486829
Douglas Grundy/Three Lions / Getty Images

The Motor Maids of America outside the shop they used as their headquarters, 1950.

ID: 1486842
Fox Photos / Getty Images

Children being pulled along by a woman on a motorbike in London, 1926.

ID: 2514331
Courtesy of the Library of Congress / loc.gov

Sally Halterman, the first woman to be granted a license to operate a motorcycle in the District of Columbia, 1937.

ID: 1486811
Evening Standard / Getty Images

A woman riding a Triumph Tiger Cub motorbike, 1960.

ID: 1486826
Chris Ware/Keystone Features / Getty Images

The Riverhill Riders Club, 1962.

ID: 2514314
General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

A woman alongside her Harley-Davidson in California, 1925.

ID: 1486847
H. F. Davis/Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Nancy and Betty Debenham, well-known motorcyclists, riding BSA bikes with their dog, 1925.

ID: 2514295
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Nancy setting off for a motorcycle rally in England, 1934.

ID: 1486832
R. Wesley/Fox Photos / Getty Images

A woman rider in the Six Days Motorcycle Trial, in which competitors have to cover 200 miles a day over rough terrain, 1933.

ID: 1486828
Fox Photos / Getty Images

Workers measuring the positions of footrests and controls on partially finished motorcycles, 1933.

ID: 1486835
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

A woman dispatch rider with a male friend in tow during World War I, 1917.

ID: 1486830
London Express / Getty Images

A reverend blesses the motorcycle of a woman who is learning to drive, 1938.

ID: 1486845
Douglas Grundy/Three Lions / Getty Images

A woman repairing her motorbike inside a workshop, 1950.

ID: 1486841
Kirby/Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Miss E. Foley and Miss L. Ball, entrants in the International Six Days Reliability Trials, at Brooklands race track in England, 1925.

ID: 2514300
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

A woman on a 500 OEC Tinkler All-Weather Model designed for use on rough roads and cross-country, 1928.

ID: 1486838
Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Women feeding seagulls on motorcycles in Daytona, Fla., 1968.

ID: 1486851
Brooke/Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Madge Saunders and her husband, British comic actor Leslie Henson, 1920.

ID: 1486850
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A woman on her BMW motorcycle, 1935.

ID: 1486848
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Three women riding motorbikes at the ACU Trials in Birmingham, England, 1923.

ID: 1791152
A. Hudson/Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A woman trying out a Douglas motorcycle on display at the 18th Cycle and Motorcycle Show in London, 1933.

ID: 1486853
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Beryl Swain, the first woman to compete as a solo entrant in the annual TT race on the Isle of Man, on her 50cc motorbike, 1962.

ID: 2514273
Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Beryl Swain training for the annual TT race, 1962.

ID: 1486849
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

A woman riding a motorcycle alongside a woman on a horse in London, 1921.

ID: 1791174
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Women of Achille Serre Ltd’s Private Fire Brigade setting off on their motorcycle and sidecar to compete in the London Private Fire Brigades’ Tournament, 1925.

ID: 2514247
Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Marjorie Dare (Doris Smith) riding hands free around “The Wall of Death” sideshow at the Kursaal amusement park in Essex, England, 1938.

ID: 1791193
Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Marjorie Dare performing, 1938.

ID: 1486854
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Two women ready to play tennis on a BSA motorbike, 1925.

ID: 1486836
REX USA/George Konig

Outside a motorcycle shop, 1964.

ID: 2514353
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Marjorie Cottle (second from left), a famous motorcyclist, and friends in Germany, 1920.

ID: 1791145
Fox Photos / Getty Images

An entrant in a ladies-only reliability trial in London, England, 1927.

ID: 1486839

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