7 Photos Of Tiny People In A Gigantic Food World

Photographer Christopher Boffoli meticulously composes food landscapes with hand-painted miniature people. What if all food was this big?!

1. Cereal Rescue

“Yet another life saved by a frosted oat vowel.”

ID: 793497

2. Linguine Car Wash

“The deluxe carbonara service had to be cancelled after too many people lost mirrors and antennas.”

ID: 793509

3. Ham Openers

“Highly specialized teams were tasked with inspecting weaponized meat products.”

ID: 793516

4. Salt Caramel Harvesters

“Everyone in the labor force was adjusting to changes in the Economy.”

ID: 793518

5. Wafer Cookie Lineup

“Number three step forward please.”

ID: 793521

6. Peppercorn Soccer

“Constant sneezing added an additional measure of challenge to the game.”

ID: 793522

7. Cheese Moon Smoker

“At last Elliott found a place where he could smoke without being bothered.”

See more of Christopher’s work here.

ID: 793524

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