Why We Should All Be Worried About Hayden Panettiere

Because she’s in a relationship with a real, live, human GIANT, of course.

1. This is a lovely picture of Hayden and her boyfriend Wladimir. But wait. No, it isn’t. WHERE IS SHE?

Mark Sullivan / WireImage
ID: 1083276

2. Oh, there she is. ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE.

Mark Sullivan / WireImage
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3. Real talk — I’m worried about her.

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4. I mean, seeing someone in the company of a giant is very worrisome!!!

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ID: 1083272

5. Fact: She’s 5’2” and he’s 8’7”!!!

Fameflynet Pictures

He’s actually 6’6”.

ID: 1083267

6. At any point he could roll over and squish her like a potato chip on a couch.

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ID: 1083268


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ID: 1083271

8. Here he is literally trying to push her straight down into the sand with his hand!!!

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ID: 1083265

9. And what about her neck? WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT HER NECK!

Getty Images
ID: 1083284

10. Look at her twisting her poor neck just to see his face.

Mark Sullivan / WireImage
ID: 1083445

11. Be safe with your giant, Hayden.

Getty Images
ID: 1083446

12. Xoxoxoxo

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