Why Garrett Clayton Is Not Like Zac Efron

Because Zac Efron is a perfect individual and no one is like him.

1. This is Garrett Clayton.

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2. He’s in the new Disney Musical Teen Beach Movie

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3. And people have been writing BLASPHEMY like this, claiming he’s the “new Zac Efron.”

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7. BUT NO.

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8. There is only ONE Zac Efron. And his name is Zac Efron.

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9. Yeah, Garrett’s hair is nice…

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10. But Zac’s will always be BETTER and more perfectly coiffed.

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11. And while Garrett shows up to red carpets like he’s going to a baseball game…

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12. …Zac always looks dapper and perfect.

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13. And Garrett TRIES to wear a beanie and be the Beanie wearer…

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15. Once again, Garrett tries to look all cool and stuff in a leather jacket…

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16. …but it’s Zac who looks flawless and natural in a leather jacket with his hands tucked into his pockets like little balls of dough.

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17. Zac is the one that looks adorable in skinny sweatpants…

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18. …and amazing in sunglasses.

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19. No one can dance on cars like Zac.

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20. Run so inspiringly in a tiny white shirt…

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21. …or blow bubbles with as much vigor as Zac.

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22. And lastly, Garrett attempted to go skateboarding while partly shirtless…

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23. But no one. NO. ONE. NOT A SINGLE HUMAN SPECIMEN, will ever compare to Zac partly shirtless on a skateboard.

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24. Or these abs.

ID: 1411886

25. Or his entire upper body region.

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26. Or him walking with a baseball bat.

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27. Or levitating a basketball.

ID: 1412467

28. Or be anything like Zac Efron because he’s one of a kind.

ID: 1412474

29. Basically he is incomparable.

ID: 1412391

30. Meaning no one can even be compared to him because he is that wonderful.

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31. Sorry Garrett, I hope you understand.

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