What You Wish "Political Animals" Was Actually About

Animals , right? Us too, so we’ve decided to change up the cast a little.

1. This is the actual cast:


ID: 429423

What we’d prefer…

ID: 429752

3. This powerful red headed cat:

Instead of the human woman who plays the secretary of state.

ID: 429726

4. This theatrical dog:

Instead of the MAN who plays the character now.

ID: 429501

5. This purrrfect political grandma cat:

Instead of this human first-mother-in-law.

ID: 429504

6. This cat son:

Instead of this former first son that is human.

ID: 429502

7. This President monkey:

Instead of this normal man.

ID: 429503

8. This Vice-President dog:

Instead of this vice-president human being.

ID: 429854

9. This cat journalist in a blazer:

Instead of this normal woman in a blazer.

ID: 429850

10. This pink shirt wearing cat:

Instead of this pink shirt wearing human.

ID: 429884

11. This former President dog:

Instead of this former president MAN.

ID: 429912

“Political Animals” premieres July 15th on USA, hopefully they’ll take these suggestions and run with them!

ID: 430046

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