The Most Iconic Papal Election In History

When Scotty became Pope. You know, in Eurotrip.

The year was 2004, and the bell was rung…

ID: 980696

It was a signal that the Pope had died.

ID: 980699

Then Cooper decided to try on some hats, but it caught fire.

ID: 980656

So they put it in the fireplace of course.

ID: 980654

The white smoke ROSE, it was official. There was a new pope.

ID: 980604

Scotty had to make a quick exit to find Mieke.

ID: 980701

He threw on his garb before making his first appearance.

ID: 980694


ID: 980657

In front of his people!

ID: 980655

Scotty the Pope.

ID: 980697

The other Pope was pissed though, cause like… that was his job.

ID: 980698

12. The End.

ID: 980721

Watch the full historical moment here:

ID: 980630

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