The Evolution Of Shia LaBeouf’s Hair

It’s a thing.

1. It all started with the Louis Stevens curly top:

2. Then progressed to a straight-top:

3. Then he ditched the long hair and went for the semi-ceaser:

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

4. It grew out and turned into a lovely head of golden brown hair:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

5. Then he cut it and it was short and sweet:

6. Then it turned bouffant-y:

7. Then into full on Johnny Bravo style:

8. Major change alert! He shaved and then had a wide Mohawk:

9. Then it grew and got flat and curly:

FameFlynet Pictures

10. Then tall and curly:

FameFlynet Pictures

11. Then this baby ponytail happened:

FameFlynet Pictures

12. It got slick and long:

FameFlynet Pictures

13. And finally turned to this:

Todd Williamson / AP

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