The 13 Most Important Photos Of Zac Efron At The Colts Game

BRB going to more sporting activities.

1. This one of him in his little blue santa hat just standing there on the sidelines:

ID: 2152006

2. And this when he was walking in his hat with his hands in his pockets:

ID: 2152033

3. When he got up close and the blue santa hat was TOO MUCH.

ID: 2152009

4. This one of him waving and like a inch of his stomach is showing:

ID: 2152058

5. When he smiled in his hat:

ID: 2152010

6. This one of him with no hat, just standing there with his perfect jaw like that:

ID: 2152004

7. This one of him just observing and crouching down perfectly:

ID: 2152011

8. When he shook hands with Eric Dickerson and loved it like a total sports fan:

ID: 2152005

9. And when he held this football and did a really good job of it:

ID: 2152089

10. This one of him in the locker room when he stood with his arms crossed and the player in the tight pants was a second thought:

ID: 2152043

11. This one of him looking over his shoulder:

ID: 2152032

12. And this one of him pretending to be a camera man and smiling adorably and squinching his eyes:

ID: 2152007

13. This one of him giving a thumbs up with his beautiful thumb:

ID: 2152165

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