Street Style Surveys: How Much Does Your Outfit Cost?

We asked the fashionistas outside the tents at Lincoln Center to tell us how much they spent getting dressed up for a day’s NYFW shows. Here’s what they said.

1. Some gave us cold hard numbers:

ID: 1624708

4. $350 was an oddly popular figure.

ID: 1624725

7. And some gave us higher cold hard numbers:

ID: 1624707

Each outfit cost 5,000 Norwegian krone, which is approximately $900.

ID: 1624735


ID: 1624715

11. There’s big money in the handbag business.

ID: 1624710

14. And in the shoe market, too.

ID: 1624720

15. Some folks wouldn’t divulge…

ID: 1624716

16. Or they were proud of their finds.

ID: 1624727

18. Or, then again, maybe they just didn’t need to spend a dime.

ID: 1624714

19. Here’s Padma Lakshmi, who credits “friendship” for her dress:

ID: 1624730

20. And then there was us. Lili worked hard for that bag.

ID: 1624737

21. And so did I!

ID: 1624738

22. But in the end maybe it doesn’t matter how much the clothes cost, because like this guy said:

“Style is priceless”

ID: 1624712

—All photos taken by Lauren Yapalater and Lili Salzberg for BuzzFeed.

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