Scott Speedman: Still Hot

Remember when he played Ben on Felicity? Well now he’s on ABC’s Last Resort and he’s still looking reallllll good.

1. Then:

ID: 629017

3. Still hot.

Fred Prouser / Reuters

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 628503

4. Yup yup yup.

ID: 628546

5. Hot with long hair:

Via gq.com
ID: 628508

6. Shorter hair:

ID: 629014

7. And with even shorter hair.

ID: 628509

8. Still got it.

ID: 628510

9. Mmmmhmmmm, there it is!

ID: 628823

10. No shortage of hot here.

ID: 629015

11. He’s chock full of it!

ID: 629096

12. Doesn’t even have to try.

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 628824

13. Hot while leaning on this wall:

ID: 629097

14. And while wearing this straw hat:

ID: 629102

15. Just livin’ looking like this.

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 628845

16. And this…

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 628846

17. And THIS.

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 628848

18. In conclusion the thesis was correct. Scott Speedman: Still hot.


ID: 628844

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