Quiz: Do You Know Your Celebrity Doppelgängers?

Thanks to SNL we know absolutely NO ONE knows the difference between Dylan McDermott or Dermut Mulroney, but what about the rest of them?

  1. 1. Which one is Javier Bardem?
  2. 2. Which one is Logan Marshall Green?
  3. 3. Which one is Helen Hunt?
  4. 4. Which one is Susan Sarandon?
  5. 5. Which one is Zooey Deschanel?
  6. 6. Which one is Michael Vartan?
  7. 7. Which one is Isla Fisher?
  8. 8. Which one is Nick Nolte?
  9. 9. Which one is Nina Dobrev?
  10. 10. Which one is Ralph Fiennes?
  11. 11. Which one is Ellen Barkin?
  12. 12. Which one is Lil Wayne?
  13. 13. Which one is Dax Shepard?
  14. 14. Which one is Kirstie Alley?
  15. 15. Which one is Elisha Cuthbert?
  16. 16. Which one is Guy Fieri?

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