Nicky And Alex From “Full House” Today

The second most famous twins to come from “Full House” are 21 now! Their real names are Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit and it’s amazing that they’ve aged just like other humans.

1. Remember Nicky and Alex (pictured with Comet)

ID: 658298

2. They had THE toddler haircut of the decade.

ID: 658305

3. Also, the coolest clothes.

ID: 658301

4. This is them now:

ID: 658375

5. More of Dylan:

ID: 658304

7. “Alex” has a 6 pack now:

ID: 658302

8. And more of Blake AKA “Nicky:”

ID: 658303

Also, in an exclusive twitter-view (twitter/interview) by me, it was revealed that Blake does not speak to any of the former cast mates and/or doesn’t remember being on the show:

ID: 658514

Dylan has yet to respond to my inquiries. UPDATE: He has.

ID: 659559

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