Miley Cyrus Has Crafted A 5-Foot-Tall Bong

The craftmaster has crafted her crafterpiece.

1. For the past couple of months Miley has become quite the crafter.

ID: 3615216

2. She has been crafting her heart out.

ID: 3615254

3. She has crafted here, crafted there, and crafted everywhere.

ID: 3615316

4. And now, all of her craft talents have led up to this…..

ID: 3615395

5. A 5-foot-tall bong.

“werk in progress”

ID: 3615348

6. It’s not even totally done yet, but it’s really something special.

“5 foot bong almost complete, this one is a collab with my fucking beyond kiewl fanz”

ID: 3615356

7. And it pays tribute to her dog Floyd, her album Bangerz and of course, weed.

ID: 3615411

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