Miley Cyrus Got A New Tattoo, That Makes 15

The new tat was revealed today. So rebellious Miley!

1. The new tattoo:


It’s a quote from Theodore Roosevelt from a speech that he gave at the Sorbonne in 1910:

“So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”


Here are the 14 other tattoos she already had:

4. 1 & 2:

The evil eye and the heart.

5. 3:

Mike Moore/__username__ / Getty Images

“Karma” is written on the inside of her pointer finger.

6. 4:

The “Om” symbol.

7. 5:

“Just Breathe” right below her bra line.

9. 7:

The parallel lines, for marriage equality.

10. 8:

“Love never dies.”

11. 9:


The anchor.

12. 10:


“Love” in her ear.

13. 11:

Getty Images / Getty Images

A skull on her foot.

14. 12 & 13:

Adam Bettcher/__username__ / Getty Images

A peace sign and a cross.

15. 14:

JB Lacroix/__username__ / Getty Images

A roman numeral on her arm.

That’ll do Miley, that’ll do.

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