Meryl Streep Was On "Watch What Happens Live" Last Night, And It Was Perfect

It was a momentous occasion for all as Meryl stepped into the clubhouse, but mostly it was a dream come true for Billy Eichner.

1. Look, she’s there!

ID: 504869

2. Oh and the bandage? She was injured while de-pitting an avocado.

ID: 504862

3. She was so fun!

ID: 504884

4. One of the highlights of the show was when they played “Spill The Tea” and Meryl finally realized what a “ginger” was. Just watch:

ID: 504980

6. And also when she said she would have to kill Dustin Hoffman:

ID: 505100

7. What a good sport!

ID: 504886

8. But maybe the very best parts of the show were the ones that included Billy Eichner, the hilarious comedian who was the bartender for the night.

ID: 505072

9. Oh and he is Meryl Streep’s #1 fan.

ID: 504888

10. Even if you don’t have any feelings towards Meryl, Billy’s excitement is so contagious you can’t help but feel excited too:

ID: 505025

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